Trust is where we start our journey from and build the way forward. Suraksha Enclave is not there to sell dreams that are half-baked and under-construction, but the ones that we can deliver on time. Builders struggle to deliver due to complicated land acquisition process and staggering sales, we do not. We, at Akhil Bhartiya Suraksha Awas Yojna are proud to bring Suraksha Enclave through trade defining concepts of “Group Buying” that results in faster sales and thus prompt execution and timely deliveries. All properties go through due diligence before being offered for booking under ABSAY.

ABSAY (Akhil Bhartiya Suraksha Awas Yojna) is a special initiative by renowned real estate experts to give our armed forces a world where they feel completely at home. Being developed under the guidance of National Coordination Committee for Central Paramilitary Forces (CPMF), it aims to give CPMF personnel homes and locality which are fully customised to their needs. It will make offer a community that’s very much their own. ABSAY offers the best of locations at the best of prices and safeguards the interests of our armed forces, giving them a pleasant buying experience.

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